[Review] JUNOFLO and MC JIN in L.A

Presented by WESKE Entertainment, rappers MC Jin and Junoflo took over the stage at Club Bound on Saturday, January 25th, 2017.


Captivating and pumping up the audience, MC Jin performed his set first. Jin asserted his skill and dominance through strong and focused lyrics highlighting the desire and struggle in paving his name in the hip hop community.




Jin definitely displayed his aptitude for rap, determined after a following comment from someone in the audience claiming, “Who even is this guy?” With his extensive background, MC Jin was able to affirm his place to the audience, comprising of many young club goers as well as various devoted fans, some of whom traveled over 2 hours to see him live.


Headlining the stage, Junoflo’s appearance immediately erupted frenzy in the audience. More familiar with the young rapper, Junoflo was able to undoubtedly command the stage with his charming presence and local familiarity. Paying homage to his southern Californian roots and newfound foundation in the South Korean hip hop community, Junoflo executed his set with a determined vibrancy, closing the stage with his latest debut song, Déjà vu.



Floridian born and New York native, MC Jin came into the hip hop scene in the early 2000s defining himself through creative, Cantonese incorporated freestyle verses. Widening his sphere of influence, Jin’s all-Cantonese album ABC, debuted at #1 in Hong Kong, achieving gold status. Featuring in several collaborations with Far East Movement, Dumbfoundead and Traphik/Timothy DeLaGhetto, Jin has cemented his impact and notoriety as a prominent Asian American rapper.


In contrast, Junoflo began his rise to fame as a contestant on MNET’s popular competition program, “Show Me the Money 5.” The southern California and Fullerton native recently signed to Tiger JK and Yoon Mi Rae’s label, FEELGHOOD Music, offering unremitting and suave verses with a distinct West Coast flair. Junoflo debuted this past December with his single album, Deja Vu. Constantly presenting a copiousness amount of potential and character, we can expect and anticipate vibrant music from Junoflo.







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