[Recap] New tracks from Don Mills, Wutan, DEAN, Crucial Star, Xitsuh, Ja Mezz ft C-Jamm and more


K-HipHop supporters! We are finally back with another music recap. What’s new on the K-Hiphop scene? Check out the new music released from Feb 10th to 19th


DON MILLS – [Mr. Trap Hwang]

VMC member Don Mills dropped a new single and MV for “Mr. Trap Hwang”


WUTAN – [Dope Boys Club]

Rapper Wutan from VMC dropped a new album [Dope Boys Club], featuring label mates Deepflow, ODEE and Don Mills. Check out the Official MV for “ASIAN GLOW” ft Don Mills



R&B singer DEAN makes awaited comeback with  digital single LIMBO

JA MEZZ17 (Feat. C Jamm)

Rapper JA MEZZ teams up with C-Jamm for new track 17


CRUCIAL STAR ft BABYLON [You can rest]

Crucial Star is back with new single ft no other that BABYLON


Guess who is back? XITSUH released a demo for별 ft Crucial Star


YOUNG JAY drops new demo via SoundCloud – “On My Shit”

G2 – Hymn II

HI LITE RECORDS’s member G2 released official MV for track HYMN II

Lowkey’s [We Ride]



Produced by GroovyRoom [That Boi] is the new single of Double K, a track featuring Justhis and AnnOne

TSUN – [Tell Me]

TSUN from VLUE VIBES RECORDS released new Mv and single “Tell Me”

Horim [Temp.Ton]


SAMUEL SEO – [Window]

Samuel Seo released Official MV for track “WINDOW”


Khundi Panda has just started a new crew JUICEOVERALCOHOL and released new track IMMATURE ft Lym


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by Lu



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