[Review] ZICO X MISBHV in London

On January 5th 2017, the stage of KOKO Camden Town in London was it up as ZICO collaborated with Polish fashion label MISBHV.

The doors were set to first open to the VVIP ticket holders at 6pm but the venue was already surrounded by queuing fans by 12pm! Tickets to the show were sold months prior and were sold out within a matter of minutes. I think it’s safe to say that London was more than ready for ZICO!

As the doors opened, fans entered in masses to fill up the venue standing area and balconies with moments before the opening acts took to the stage: DJ Illustrious One and Danny Seth.

In that time, some fans managed to buy the limited edition ZICO X MISBHV long-sleeves that ZICO himself styled on stage that night.


DJ Illustrious One and Danny Seth had a fun time opening the show (and were on for longer than expected…) and getting fans prepped but the real fun started when Millic rocked the stage and hyped the fans throughout the venue.

The moment all the fans were anticipating came through to reality at around 10pm when ZICO finally appeared on stage.He introduced himself to KOKO even though we all already knew before getting straight to business with the hit bop TOUGH COOKIE that had fans jumping to every beat.

In little breaks in between songs, ZICO interacted with fans in English, asking how we’re feeling before transitioning to all his other hits: Well Done, VENI VIDI VICI, Bermuda Triangle, Turtle Ship, OKIE DOKIE, You Are Me, I Am You, Boys and Girls and Eureka. Fans could barely catch their breath in between the bops as the venue was filled with screams and singing along.

ZICO apologised for being unable to bring Crush and DEAN of their FANXY CHILD crew to perform Bermuda Triangle together but this was hardly a problem as he requested us to sing their parts for them and the stage was still lit.


Right before and after Eureka, ZICO kept insisting it was the last song of the night and said a short thank you and goodbye which left fans chanting and demanding him to return to the stage to perform one last hit (and my personal favourite) TELL ME YES or NO!

The fans were hyped throughout the performance but the level of excitement was strongest then as ZICO really did save the best for last. He even treated the front row standing fans by jumping off the stage and let himself be amongst the arms of the fans who obviously couldn’t contain themselves


At around 11pm Zico finished his stage with his real greetings and even took pictures with Millic and the fans.

At this time most of the younger fans went home whilst others enjoyed an extra 2 hours at the venue at the show after party in which ZICO made a reappearance at midnight to dance and party with the fans again.


The best way to enter 2017: whether fans were in the balcony or the pit, VVIP or regular, stayed at the after party or not, arrived in time for the show or had even waited in the cold British weather for 8hrs (>.<), everyone agreed that it was a night to remember. ZICO had fun on stage as we did too.


It won’t be the last London sees of ZICO as he will be returning with all of BLOCK B in March! A gift that never stops giving


By Pri (Kondakorea Staff)

All photos by @.Cult Of Ya



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