[UNDERGROUND] New tracks by BadBoyz, GoldFish, Hanbal …

To all K-Hiphop supporters we are back with another Underground recap. As before, we prepared a list of  newest K-HipHop releases.


5th Jan

  • HANBAL- Be Yourself

Rapper HANBAL released his 3rd Single “Be Yourself”. A track that talks how society gives (sometimes) more importance to the universal fashion rather than an individual’s personality



  • SEO2-  An obvious Story

SEO2 drops and R&B track “An Obvious Story” her 3rt Digital Single


6th  Jan

  • SIKSTYN –  KingFish

Member of “aNOTHER”, SikSyn drops his 1st single “KINGFISH” !

The song is inspired in a documentary about the kingfish, and him use it like a metaphor to show his will to succeed and aspirations like artist.

Let’s check out the Full MV !



  • 에네스티(ENESTY) – No Mercy

Enesty released his 1st digital single “No Mercy “



  • BADBOYZ –Dreamer

BADBOYZ (나쁜녀석들)  [Peacock (Choi Gogi), Edmmer, Gong Doha, and Beaver] are back with second single DREAMER. A song about looking forward for your dreams




골드피쉬(Goldfish) (Rapper Benigang and producer Candid Creation) dropped 1t Mixtape “WRIGGLE”.   Featuring rappers CHEF  and Owen Ovadoz


We present something new.



Source http://www.mnet.com/

By Lu






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