[Upcoming Release] Verbal Jint, Nafla, EPIK HIGH

The first of 2017 and some rappers have confirmed their plans for upcoming albums and tracks. what are the upcoming releases in the Korean HipHop scene?


Back in May, NAFLA member of MkitRain released the track “I KNOW MYSELF” ft BANA. Few days ago, the rapper shared a teaser video for the upcoming Official MV of the track.

[Teaser] nafla – i know myself comin soon @nasungcityboy

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“A song about kicking it with the homies in L.A., eating good food and buying what we want, making money, living life.” – Nafla



After 7 months hiatus, Brand New Music rapper and producer Verbal Jint is preparing a new single for the release this month. According to Korea media reports, Verbal Jint is preparing a new album for this year.

The rapper also shared on his IG a video working on his studio:



Tablo shared a post on his personal IG, announced the 9th Album of Epik High.  There is not more information about but it seems that they are working on pre-recording.


#workinprogress #recording #EPIKHIGH9

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By Lu

Source: Nafla, VJ and Tablo IG




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