Swings the “Punchline King” in L.A [Review]

On a four-city tour presented by Soul Krush Entertainment, Just Music rapper Swings (스윙스) travelled across North America hitting stops in Vancouver, New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. One of South Korea’s top rappers, Swings proved to be a highly anticipated act.

On December 17th, Club Bound L.A. opened its doors for the Swing Just Music Tour 2016. Once the doors were opened, the 21+ clubbers and event-goers alike began to flood the venue, hitting the dance floor and the surrounding VIP tables for celebration. Resident DJs Papito Chang and DJ Mojohaus, both specializing in the remixing of high-energy House and Hip-Hop tracks, greeted clubbers with electrifying sets that hyped up emotion and anticipation for the rest of the night.

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Well into the evening, 5A Label’s Yung Demi and Justin Park opened the stage. The duo commanded the stage as the entire venue focused on their performances, urging them on with focused cheers and cries of awe. Justin Park wooed the audience with his singing and delivered fans with a remarkable performance, catering them with much desired fan-service and talent. As soon as she hit the stage, Yung Demi proved to be a powerful force with her hard hitting rapping and masterful stage presence.

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After the explosive performance from the 5A Label artists, Swings finally took his turn on the stage and came out with “Bulldozer (불도저)” that had fans surging towards the front and in his direction. After the first song, rapper Swings, a fluent English-speaker, having lived in Atlanta, Georgia, connected with his Los Angeles fans completely in English. He continued to tell the audience how it was thrilling and yet weird being able to communicate with fans in this manner, considering it as his first time performing in Los Angeles.


He then jumped into the popular track “Bulldozer (불도저),”offering the audience intense bars of quality content. During “Doo Doo (뜨뜨),” produced by Doplamingo, Swings turned up the notch even further and fans went wild during the chopper speed rap. To end the night, the audience was taken down memory lane with the track “Gravity,” with Swings wishing everyone a fantastic night and to continue to party hard.


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Within the hour, the main show was over, but the party had not stopped. After Swings left the stage, resident performer DJ-B took to the turntable and played for the remaining rest of the night. Swings and all of the performers delivered a phenomenal show, the event was incredible and we can’t wait to see what Soul Krush has in store next!

by Ashleigh Nguyen



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