[Review] DEAN brings a “Half Moon” to L.A

On December 1st, Transparent Agency surprised fans with a sudden event announcement. They promised an evening of amazing live music featuring the artists Them Jeans, starRo and Dean on December 9th. With only a week notice prior to the event, the news spread like wildfire and created excitement online. In addition to the live show, a Meet and Greet opportunity was also promised to Dean fans. On the day of ticket sales, many hopeful fans ended up crashing the ticketing site for over an hour which ultimately caused the show to successfully sell out.


When the big day finally came, concert goers lined up outside the Mayan Theatre and wrapped around the block. Many fans even lined up hours in advance in hopes of getting a good spot in the pit. Although the weather grew colder and colder as the time for the venue doors to open neared, fans were warm with excitement. Dean fans loudly sang some of his songs while fangirling about him. Some lucky rebels in line were even able to grab some special meet-and-greet tickets, allowing them to meet Dean himself in the flesh.

Although there was a bit of delay, causing fans to wait longer than expected outside, people slowly began to fill the venue. It was later revealed that Dean had barely arrived to LA shortly before the show, which caused the slight delay. His manager had explained that Dean unfortunately experienced issues with immigration personnel and was held indefinitely on his layover. Ultimately, Dean came through and insisted on continuing with the show even without a proper soundcheck. He managed to still hold his meet-and-greet session before the show, meeting many of his fans with enthusiasm despite not having slept in 2 days. Fans were able to take group photos with him as well as shortly chat with him. Some fans were even lucky enough to receive a hug!


While the meet-and-greet session took place, the first artist began playing his set for the rest of the concert attendees filling up the venue. Them Jeans took the stage and started the night by getting everyone hyped up. Them Jeans, or DJ Jason Stewart, is a producer based in LA that is known of his Hip Hop sets as well as high energy House tracks. The crowd enthusiastically danced along once he dropped his mix for “Juju on The Beat.” People also laughed and sang along when “All I Want For Christmas Is You” began to blast.

Shortly after, starRo took the stage. StarRo, or Shinya Mizoguchi, is a Tokyo-born but LA based producer, artist, embracer and curator. He is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist who specializes in fusing beats with jazz, R&B, and soul. The crowd bopped their heads and got lost in his music. He performed some songs such as “You” which featured Josh Rican and “Relapse” with One T. StarRo and his band got lost in their music and were enthusiastically swaying around. Towards the end of his performance, StarRo switched to his keytar and jammed out around the stage. He may have gotten too into his music when he did a back roll, causing him to fall off the stage riser during his solo. Despite the accident, his performance was unaffected and he remained unscathed. He even laughed about it later on Instagram.


Finally, highly anticipated R&B singer Dean was next. Rebels in the crowd began to chant “Dean! Dean! Dean!” as their excitement overflowed. The entire venue was filled with screams and cheers as he made his appearance. He started off his performance with the song, “Put My Hands on You” which the entire crowd sang their hearts off to. Dean even flashed a satisfied smirk as he let the crowd sing a line every now and then. Suddenly the venue roared with chants of “drink, smoke, drink, smoke” as Dean moved on to perform “Pour Up.”  He grooved along with his little dances and even slayed Zico’s rap part himself. After a quick gulp of water, he jumped into his next song “Bonnie and Clyde.” Hands were up and bumping back and forth as Dean encouraged everyone to put their hands up. Things calmed down once Dean performed a slow jam “What2do.”


He shut his eyes as he perfectly hit all his high notes. The song “21” was then performed as a dedication to LA fans. The crowd danced and sang along to the upbeat song. Dean even showed off a body roll along with a shy smile, which made everyone go crazy. Things got real once Dean grabbed a bucket hat, quickly taking on a cool aura leading into the rap. The venue felt surreal as the crowd gently sang “Love, love the stars. Love, love the moon” as Dean performed his widely loved song “D (half moon).


He basked in the crowd’s singing and swayed back and forth. Of course, Dean didn’t pass a perfect opportunity to belt out some passionate adlibs. After a quick break, Dean returned with his final song for the night, “I’m Not Sorry.” The entire crowd was lit as they screamed all the words to the song. Dean bounced around while shouting “turn up!” which added to the hype. And of course, it’s not a complete performance without Dean throwing water across the crowd during the song. Once the song ended, Dean thanked everyone and bowed before walking off.


Just like that, the night came to a close and the show was over. Although Dean’s performance seemed to go by in a flash, he performed nearly every song released for the fans. Fans just could not get enough of him, and were definitely thankful he decided to continue with his performance. Dean definitely demonstrated his professionalism and truly showed his love for his fans. Despite all the hell he went through, he without a doubt gave his all at the show. The night was filled with good vibes and even better music from all the performing artists. There could not have been a more amazing way to spend a Friday night


by Chanelle (KondaKorea Staff)

Special Thanks to The Yoo Group



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