[K-HipHop]GroovyRoom “YNF” ft Nafla and Verbal Jint

YELOWS MOB’s producers unit GroovyRoom reveled the  two artists featuring in the 1st PRE-RELEASE SINGLE of  [Loyalty]: YNF 

The track  YNF will be a collaboration with famous rapper Verbal Jint and rising rapper Nafla (MkitRain Label) , this single  will be drop next Dec. 14th.


The news have increased expectations about this new track. Verbal Jint and Nafla were in charge of the lyrics and GroovyRoom took the production. There is not information about the artist(s) featuring in “Loyalty”, the second track of GroovyRoom’s project.

Stay tuned for more information!


GroovyRoom [Everywhere]

1st PRE-RELEASE SINGLE : [Loyalty]

2016.12.14 00:00

YNF (Feat.Nafla,Verbal Jint)

-LYRICS BY Nafla, Verbal Jint

Loyalty (Feat. ?) -PRODUCED BY GroovyRoom

Via YelowsMob Official

#GroovyRoom #그루비룸 #Nafla #나플라 #Verbaljint #버벌진트 #YNF #Loyalty #GroovyEverywhere #mkitrain #brandnewmusic #메킷레인 #브랜뉴뮤직



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