FANXY CHILD- Zico, Dean & Crush- bring their “Bermuda Triangle” at MAMA 2016

Zico, Dean and Crush were together at the latest edition of the Mnet Asian Music Adwards – MAMA 2016 rising expectations from fans around the world.


Zico, Crush and Dean are well known in the industry as multitalented singers, producers and songwriters. Born in 92’s these artists are close friends, and even decided to create “FANXY CHILD” crew. Their first official collaboration as FXCD (Fanxy Child) was with the track “Bermuda Triangle”, an ALL KILLER on the Music Charts.

The stage of the MAMA 2016 received the FXCD artist with the first ever live performance of “Bermuda Triangle”. Zico, Dean and Crush participated in different performance, both individually and collaborations.

– FXCD “Bermuda Triangle”


–  DEAN and CRUSH  “Half Moon / Don’t Forget”


– ZICO “Eureka + Boys and Girls”


Congrats to Zico and Crush, winner at MAMA 2016 in the categories.

Best Vocal Performance Male Solo: Crush

Best Male Artist: Zico

Excited for more projets of FXCD , Zico, Dean and Crush?

Also, if you are in Los Angeles next week, don’t miss DEAN special concert. More info HERE

cr. Mnet



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