The flow man! Flowsik in Los Angeles! [Review]

It was Friday November 18 2016, and yet again time for another Soul Krush sponsored event. This time it was Queens New York Native, and recent SMTM contestant Flowsik on the bill. This was stop one of two, with the other performance due to take place at Grand Nightclub, in San Francisco the following night…. 
Due to the infamous L.A. traffic, there was legitimate fear I wouldn’t be present for the meet n’ greet. With sheer luck, and a constant emergence of green lights on the city streets, I arrived at Club Bound. I walk up and am escorted inside, where thankfully there are fans still in line awaiting a chance to meet him.
After conversing with some lovely ladies, a few recognizable faces (from the C-Jamm show in SF), and one woman overflowing with equal parts excitement and anxiousness, it was my turn. I walk up to the isolated VIP booth, turned fan meet section, extended my hand, but was met with open arms and smiles from the rapper. We hug and exchange pleasantries, I take my seat and we engage in a conversation. He’s every bit as polite, humble and well-spoken as perceived. From talking with him and looking at the VIP booth table, it’s no surprise why there are gifts from the fans in attendance… After taking a few photos, and last words, I walk back outside to await the show soon to follow, the meeting assuring I’d remember it for years to come. After waiting outside for roughly twenty minutes, it was time to head back inside, and let the party begin.


 The show started with two dope Cycadelic records artists in Killagramz and Kid Kat. They began their set with their new song ‘Birthday’. His unique voice and highly energetic flow are complemented well, with Kid Kat’s raw, yet simultaneously hypnotic, chill vocals. Don’t let her shy demeanor fool you. Once the music starts, she’s transformed into a fierce artist, who looks completely confident on stage… This is my second time having the pleasure of seeing them rock a stage together. The first time being a supporting act for Hi-Lite Records’ own Reddy, as he held his first L.A. show memorial day 2016. After a couple more songs to cap off an electric, high energy performance from Killazgramz, it was almost time for the main act to take stage…
  “Aye yo, yo. Hold up. Hold up. Bring that beat back real quick man. Yo, ya’ll can’t do this without ya boy Flow, man.” are the first words uttered (in that gritty, deep baritone voice, seasoned with New York flavor), as he made his way to the stage. His attitude a lot different from the encounter at the meet n greet a few hours earlier.
 Words exciting the crowd on hand. The line’s a lead in to his verse from Eung Freestyle ( 응프리스타일). A dope song collaboration featuring talented Mc’s Live, Sik-K, Owen Ovadoz (Mkit Rain), Punchnello, and of course Ya boy Flow.
After a brief introduction, and a shout out to JYP (who was sitting in the VIP section), he followed up with his verses from ‘Recipe’ a song he worked with Luizy on. An artist he competed against on SMTM5. “I make it rain like Monsoon”

Every punchline he spits, hits you like a punch in the gut, from a champion prize fighter


Every punchline he spits, hits you like a punch in the gut, from a champion prize fighter ….This notion is especially true watching him perform live. He went on to perform a song he recorded for Overwatch Korea. He gives it his all on stage, leaving no part of that platform untouched. So much so it prompted a fan to yell for him to catch his breath. From attending to the crowd, by surveying where people are from, even passing out hats, never shying away from grabbing phones and filming video..

After an introduction exclaiming how special this song was to him, next up on the list was ‘A Game off the wonderful ‘Nocturnal’ album. A song he made as a member of Aziatix. A group he was a part of from 2011-2015…With the crowd chanting for one more song, he informed us his time was up, but before leaving gave one last verse. He walked off breathing heavy, drenched in sweat, and the rest of the night belonged to the DJ’s.. If Flowsik is ever in your town, it’s an absolute must see show. I’m already impatiently awaiting another one!
By Shanwize (KondaKorea Staff)
Special Thanks to Soul Krush
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