Real recognize Real ! C-Jamm in San Francisco [REVIEW]

On Friday October 28th, We flew out to San Francisco for the Double M Tour. It was the first stop of several, including shows in New York, and two others in Canada. It would be our second time this year seeing C Jamm, having attended the Show me The Money concert in Los Angeles a couple of months earlier.



We arrived early outside of Club Origin where a slight line had already formed, for the meet and greet just before the show. It was a Soul Krush event, so our expectations are high. Rightfully so! They put on incredible events… !!!

After a bit of delay, C Jamm walks up to the venue, and is met with greetings from the eager fans outside. We included. We  walked in a ball of nerves, excited to meet the Just Music artist. Upon walking in, We’re directed by a member of the staff, and led to a couch where he’s sitting. The greeting was a brief one. He signed one of the posters provided to you by the event staff, as well as anything else you wanted him to sign…


After he met and spoke with all the fans from outside, he took a round of selfies with us, then headed off to sound check before the event.  The crowd filling in by the dozens now, dressed in an array of different Halloween costumes, for the “Heaven and Hell’ themed event, music blaring from the DJs on hand. It was soon time for the main act to take center stage.



C-Jamm started his set performing his verses in 현상수배(Wanted). A song collaboration he performed with Reddy on SMTM. A show in which they were both contestants on. CJamm having been runner up to winner Bewhy, on the reality show rap competition’s fifth installment.


He went on to perform his songs  음악이다(Just Music), and his verse in ‘Puzzle’ (A hit single featuring Bewhy). He capped his performance off with a brief English introduction to his last song, and one last attempt hype the crowd, before jumping off the stage and partying among fans, inside the packed Club.


It was a brief show, but his energy was insane!!! Though this was only his second time performing in the states (the first time being for the ‘Show me the Money’ tour months earlier), hopefully the success of this outing, sparks many more shows to come.


By Shanwize (KondaKorea Staff)
Special Thanks to Soul Krush
Photo CR on Logo


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