[Interview] Yelows Mob Flip Tour – London

We sat down with Yelowsmob and SIK K in London ahead of their show for an exclusive interview…

Watch the FULL concert video including this interview on our page or read it below…

KONDAKOREA: “Firstly I want to say…. Welcome to London! why London of all places, why did you choose to come to London?”

SIK-K: “I heard that many fans are here, so we definitely wanted to choose here to perform.”

KONDAKOREA: “Yeah, good choice!”

SIK-K: “Yeah?!”

KONDAKOREA: “Yeah, your fans are literally all outside since I don’t even know how long!”Can you begin with telling me a little bit about yourself, like people that have heard your music through SoundCloud but don’t really know Yelowsmob… you know?!”

SIK-K: “First, I’m SIK-K (points to himself) and he’s Mac Kidd (points to Mac Kidd) and there’s Naeezy (talking about Naeezy) He came as a manager cause he speaks English very well… but he’s also an artist,producer and rapper. Me and Mac Kidd here. (Points to Sungmin) Sungmin/DJ Childs. He’s doing DJ Sh*t. (points to Gwangmin and Onehunnit) He’s Gwangmin, and Onehunnit/Jae Hoon.. They’re doing fashion,they make clothes and they design sh*t. (turns to Woogie) and he’s Woogie.. (to the camera) Not “Woojie”… Woogie! He’s a producer, he produced like a lot of tracks on the album FLIP and we’re doingnew sh*t on the way!

KONDAKOREA: “like Jealous, Jealous was produced by Woogie!”

SIK-K: “Yeah, Jealous.”


KONDAKOREA: “The next question is.. What influenced you to get into Hip-Hop, like the genre in particular. Why Hip-Hop?

SIK-K: “Why Hip-Hop?”

KONDAKOREA: “Yeah, why Hip-Hop?”

SIK-K: “Actually, I don’t wanna talk about the genre cause we just see the whole picture as art so we have people doing fashion in the crew, and music and art. (points to Sungmin) his twin brother.”

KONDAKOREA: “How would you say the show “SHOW ME THE MONEY”… how did it change the Hip-Hop scene in Korea?”

SIK-K: “Um, through the show many people come up as me.”

KONDAKOREA: “Yeah, underground.”

SIK-K: “Yeah, underground rappers blowing up, and I think it’s… (thinking) not bad.. Good.

KONDAKOREA: “like it’s a good platform to start off”

SIK-K: “The influence?… Hip-Hop.. BIGGER!”

KONDAKOREA: Personally, I really liked the FLIP album, for me.. It’s hard, I can’t pick a favourite song. I wanna ask you.. Which one is your favourite song, and why you chose that?”

SIK-K: “My favourite song is… (pause) I can’t even choose!”

KONDAKOREA: “Yeah, me too!”

SIK-K: “Rendezvous” and “Cha Cha” cause “Cha Cha” is like only Koreans know. I love the lyrics, cause it shows like, how men express emotions…Rendez vous too”


KONDAKOREA: “So we’re still speaking of your Flip album, one song in particular “HABIBI” I just wanted to know why did you call it HABIBI? the Arabic word for lover… Your fans really wanna know that!”

SIK-K: “When I was in Vancouver, my writing teacher was Arabic. She really loved Hip-Hop music and she was like support.. like, “Min Sik you’re gonna be bigger, you’re gonna blow up!”… I was like yeah, and she told me, she explained the word “Habibi” I saw when she was texting her boyfriend, and what’s habibi?

She said it’s “my darling, my love in Arabic” Oh that’s sweet… like the pronunciation is good, and the word is good…”

KONDAKOREA: “Yeah it is, it’s very catchy.”

SIK-K: “and the spelling.. and I used it!.. Yeah.. that’s the reason.” (get’s excited) and she’s living in the UK right now..”

KONDAKOREA: “Oh really?!”

SIK-K: “Yeah, she’s gonna come!”

KONDAKOREA: “Aw, your habibi!” (I was just kidding!)

SIK-K: (laughs) “Yeah!…. She’s not my habibi though…”

KONDAKOREA: “yeah yeah yeah”

SIK-K: “Yeah!” (laughs)

KONDAKOREA: “So you’ve worked with big labels such as AOMG, and you know like you said WOOGIE. So does this mean they will be more collaborations with AOMG.. That we can look forward to?!

SIK-K: “Maybe!… and like now we’re doing a crew OTC, including me and GROOVY ROOM, and WOOGIE… (talking about AOMG) they’re gonna express their opinion on us…

KONDAKOREA: “So it’s like a waiting game”



KONDAKOREA: “Yeah I agree!”

KONDAKOREA: “We’ve run out of time unfortunately, but before we end the interview… can you give a shout out to KONDAKOREA?!”


Sungmin: “안녕하세요.. Annyeonghaseyo, Hi. (laughs) I’m DJ Childs”

Gwangmin: “I’m Gwangmin”

Naeezy: “It’s gon’ be lit… das wassup!”

SIK K: (pointing to Mac Kidd) “MAC KIDD ON THE COME UP!”

WOOGIE: “Shout out to KONDAKOREA and shout out to LONDON!”

SIK-K: “Shout out to WOOGIE’s fans in LONDON!”


Special thanks to @BEATCRAZE for arranging us to interview Yelowsmob, and thank you to Yelowsmob and the rest of the team! DAS WASSUP




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