SMTM5 Concert Makes Fan’s “Day Day” in Chicago

Show Me the Money is a Rap Survival Show that has aired in South Korea on Mnet for the last five years and has gone on to become a world phenomenon. The show even expanded their talent reach last year with LA becoming the first city outside of Korea to hold auditions for the show. This year had some of the hottest producers and artists as judges and the contestants were among some of the best the show has seen so far.

Gill and Mad Clown were the first duo to take the stage with Mad Clown’s “Bad Blood” giving everyone a taste of some of the amazing tracks that were produced during this season while Gill’s stage brought everybody back to 2002 as longtime fans belted out the lyrics to the Leessang hit “Rush”.


Every fan of SMTM knows that the show wouldn’t be what it is today without producers Dok2 and The Quiett. Over the past few seasons they have created some of the most memorable tracks from the show and this year was no exception. “Beverly 1lls” is a track that was performed on the show by contestants Superbee and myunDo but Dok2 and The Quiett turned it up full blast. They also performed fan favorites such as “YGGR”, “내가” and “1 Life 2 Live”.


SMTM5’s runner-up, C Jamm, approached the stage and fans couldn’t have been happier. His performance style is very relaxed but his intensity is anything but that. He hilariously pointed out that he doesn’t know much English but as he approached fans to shake their hands from the stage he just kept repeating the only thing he did know which was “Hi! I don’t understand what you are saying but HI!” He performed his hits from the show such as “Wanted”, “Let it Be” and “Beautiful” before being joined by his producer team.


Many were surprised at Zion.T’s involvement in the show this season but after teaming up with Kush and creating songs like “Knock”, “Sinsa” and “Machine Gun” fans were more than happy to acknowledge him as a full-fledged producer for the show. Zion.T even gave a special performance of his 2014 mega hit “Yanghwa Bridge” where fans almost sang louder than the artist himself!

For the grand finale, the winning team of SMTM5 took the stage starting with Gray performing his “Just Do It” and Simon Dominic his self-titled “Simon Dominic”. They combined their talents to perform “Comfortable” and then it was time for the winner of SMTM5.

BewhY‘s stage presence was powerful to say the least and was truly something special to see in person. His “Forever” was the first song on the roster followed by his own “Time Goes On” which was from his first album that was released last year. Simon D and Gray joined BewhY for the last song which was “Who You”. Of course, once they left the stage, an encore was called for and everyone knew it had to be their hit song “Day Day” so as fans cheered for the song by name, the three artists came back out to deliver.

For BewhY, I think he was sincerely amazed at the amount of love and support he was shown even though it was his first time in the US. Especially when a fan gave him a gift which was a really well done drawing of his likeness (you can tell from the picture that he can’t stop looking at it!). He expressed that one of his main goals is to win a grammy and that he will work even harder to achieve that dream.

The energy given by the Chicago fans kept the hype up all night and this was greatly appreciated by the artists! Thanks to Powerhouse Entertainment for working hard to bring all of these producers and artists to the states and to Rosemont Theatre for hosting them!

– Jourdan Lewis-Messer



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