Show Me the Money concert in L.A

The creation of the television series Show Me The Money has increased Korea’s interest in hiphop and has acted as a gateway to Korean hip hop to many international listeners. Hip hop lovers gathered at The Novo in Los Angeles on September 4th to see some of their favorite rappers from Show Me The Money. Crowds of fans lined up outside the venue on the chilly LA night, excited to see the lit performances that await them.


Photo cr. Powerhouse Live

Once inside, everyone sang along and danced to various hip hop songs played on speakers as the show was being prepared and set. Everyone began to get hyped up as the time grew closer to the start of the event. Slowly, the venue was packed with fans of all ages brought together through music.

As soon as the lights turned off and the screens started to flash with graphics, the crowd began to scream and cheer in excitement. The first set of performers were Gill and Mad Clown. They opened their set with “나쁜 피 (Bad Blood).” Gill and Mad Clown’s setlist included some of these songs, 나쁜 피 (Bad Blood), 랩교, 나란 놈은 답은 너다, TV를 껐네, Rush and more.


Photo cr. Powerhouse Live

The second set was team Illionaire, consisting of Dok2 and The Quiett. As soon as they stepped out on stage, everyone threw up their Illionaire hand signs. As Dok2 shouted, “Is it ill? Show me how ill you guys are” people passionately cheered and proudly waved their signs. Some of the songs they performed were Air DoTheQ, 연결고리 (YGGR) and Beverly 1lls.


Photo cr. Powerhouse Live

As the stage was empty, fans began to feel suspense for whoever the next performer would be. C Jamm’s cool aura filled the venue as he walked out onto the stage. He performed the following songs, 현상수배 (Wanted), Beautiful, Goodnight, Let it Be. He began to talk to the crowd, and talk about how is jet lagged. A lot of girls in the crowd screamed, “You’re so cute!”and he laughed. At one point of his performance, he even jumped off the stage and in front of the crowd. C Jamm really knew how to get the crowd excited.

Zion T and Kush entered the stage, and some of the songs that were performed were, 쿵, Yanghwa BRDG(양화대교), 머신건 (Machine Gun), and 신사 ($insa). The crowd went crazy as soon as Team AOMG hit the stage. Gray ­ 꿈이 뭐야 Dream Chaser 하기나 해 (Just Do It) Simon D performed 사이먼 도미닉 The mere presence of Simon D and Gray caused endless screams and cheers. Together, they performed 편히 (Comfortable) which the entire building sang along to.


Photo cr. Powerhouse Live


Photo cr. Powerhouse Live

Bewhy later replaced them on stage to perform his songs, Time Goes On and Forever. Simon D reappeared on stage to perform 쌈박자 with him. Gray, Simon D and Bewhy began to talk on stage to the crowd, even taking some selfies. Bewhy talked about his age, while he and Simon D made fun of Gray for being 30 years old. Gray was flustered and began to shout that he is technically “I am 28!” The crowd laughed at the playfulness on the stage. Soon after, all three performed Who You (니가 알던 내가 아냐). Bewhy then closed the night with his popular song, Day Day.

Show me The Money concert was lit !


by Chanelle (Kondakorea Staff)

Photo cr. Powerhouse Live



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