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A few minutes before rocking the stage in London, we conducted an exclusive interview with Vasco and Black Nut, rappers from Just Music.

In a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, we talk about their future plans, their thoughts about being in London and more!

■■This question is for both of you, why did you choose to come to London for a show?

Black Nut- well, it was because they invited us! (talking about CultOfYa Team ) and yes, they sent us money to come!

■■Black Nut, we hear that this is your first time performing overseas, how do you feel about being here in London for a show? Do you have any expectations for tonight?

Black Nut- I just want to enjoy it and have fun, everything is new for me so I just want to enjoy my stage time..

■■Did you expect to have such huge support from fans outside Korea? and how does it feel to know that your music has reached so many people?

Vasco- It’s really awesome! I have been to China and Japan before, but I did not expect so much support from European fans.. so, you know, it’s really awesome!

Black Nut- I didn’t expect to have this kind of support overseas, in Korea I have a lot of haters so I never really expected to have so much support!


■■Vasco, So you’ve been to China and now London, do you have any plans for a full European tour? or is there any other countries that you’ll like to visit in the future?

Vasco – Yes, as I told you before I have been to China, Taipei and Japan. As for Europe? why not? I would like to have a concert in Paris, Germany and Spain. For other countries, Brazil…. I will love it! and Mexico, why not?

Black Nut – Brazil ! Samba!


■■Out of all the collaborations you have done, which one is your favorite?

Vasco – Jay Park Collaboration (To the Top of the Top / 맨 위의 맨 위) ..yeah that one!

Black Nut – Beenzino! (at the end of Saturday/ 토요일의 끝에서) love you Beenzino!

■■Vasco,  So today you shared on your personal IG account a photo with the quote “Working in the Studio”… are you planning to drop a new track, or are you working on an album?

Vasco  – woo you saw that! yes I have been working on something new, a new track that will be out in a month! Everything is finished so wait for it! *

* ( Vasco was talking about YEYE)

■■Black Nut, your fans are curious.. When will you drop your album?

Black Nut- This Year ! ( laughing so hard) yes yes.. this year, I’m working on it!


■■Back in 2014, all of the Just Music artists worked together on the album ‘Ripple Effect’ and it was an incredible album! any plans for another collaboration album with all of Just Music’s talented rappers?

Vasco- Yes, we are working. We have some tracks but at the moment it’s not a priority because we have our personal projects, so yeah sometimes we work on the Just Music album and maybe in the near future we’re going to drop it..

■■Show me the money 5 has become a hot topic these days, what are your thoughts about C-jamm’s participation in the show?

Black Nut- He was cool! C-jamm is great!

Vasco – He’s really talented so he did awesome!

■■Black Nut, Coming from SMTM 4, do you consider that  your  life has changed due to your participation in the show?

Black Nut- money, house, sleep..!


■■Lastly, do you have some words for your fans?

Vasco- See you soon! I love you!

Black Nut – Hi I’m Black Nut! Love You!

By Lu (KondaKorea Staff)

Special thanks to CultOfYa



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