DΞΔN Live in NYC 2016 Review

DΞΔN Live in NYC 2016 Review


DΞΔN proved why he is one of the hottest artists on the charts these days at his “DΞΔN Live in NYC” show on Saturday, June 4th. Ardent fans demonstrated their loyalty by wiping out tickets left and right until the show was sold out in a matter of hours after their release! After a venue change form Copacabana to Flash Factory, fans gathered into the venue for DΞΔN’s first official New York show.

The night began with SIVA group introducing us to their first artist, MILΛΠ. He recently appeared on season five of the popular rap survival program “Show Me the Money” where he made it into the top 9 contestants in the LA auditions. He lit up the stage with his performance of “Rain Shower” and then showed his musical versatility with his rendition of Zico’s “I am you, you are me”. Cheech Bundy was the 2nd artist to open up for DΞΔN and he kept the intensity up with some of his original songs such as “This is 4” and “High as a Kite”.


Even though DΞΔN’s solo debut happened less than a year ago, it’s undeniable that this young artist knows his craft. Every song he performed was met with enthusiastic cries of euphoria as fans crooned and chanted each song with him. As he walked out on stage he began singing his first song of the evening, “Put My Hands on You”. He continued with his Korean debut song “Pour Up” and impressed fans further buy also rapping Zico’s part who collaborated on the song with him. DΞΔN’s love for his fans was evident during his performance. He left little space between him and Rebels (another name for DEAN fans).


During many of his songs like “D (half moon)” and “What 2 Do” he held fans hands while he sang. DEAN pumped up the energy halfway through his setlist with “Bonnie and Clyde” and “”21” which had the crowd jumping along with him to each beat. Finally, Dean announced his last song “I’m Not Sorry”, which is a fan favorite, and also his US debut song. Rebels were more than happy to belt out every line. Dean thanked his fans and left the stage but fans weren’t quite ready to say goodbye. After several minutes of persuading by the crowd, Dean appeared back on stage to give an encore performance of “I Love It”.


DEAN’s career has barely begun and yet he has already accomplished so much. Between a U.S. and Korean debut, several high profile collaborations, his first EP “130 MOOD: TRBL” and performances all over the world, Dean has done more in one year than some artists accomplish in a lifetime. While fans certainly wish that certain events hadn’t taken place that evening, it did not douse the fierce loyalty they had for seeing him perform his first official show in New York. The promoter and venue operators said it was one of the most hyped crowds they had ever seen even after suffering through the long lines, venue change and soaking rain.


Shout out to NYC fans who deserve credit as well for how they handled the situation. What matters in the end is what fans took away from the event. Even though it got off to a bumpy start, I believe everybody left in a state of elation and with more respect for Dean as an artist because I’m sure it was not an easy decision he and his team made to change venues. However, he knew it was best for the performance and he did not want anything but the best for Rebels. Thanks again to SIVA Group and Flash Factory for sponsoring and hosting this event!

by Jourdan

Kondakorea Staff



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