[Review] RAPBEAT SHOW “BeWhy and Microdot”

RAPBEAT SHOW “BeWhy and Microdot”

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The RapBeat Show, a Hip-hop concert organized by Culture Think, always introduces an impressive line-up, becoming a well anticipated music event by many fans of the genre.On July 16th the RapBeat Show “The New Wave”, a double concert that counted with the participation of rappers BeWhy and Microdot, whom were also accompanied with important rappers of the Korean  hip-hop scene such as: Vasco, Black Nut, Basick, HAnhae, Sanchez, Lil Boi, Myundo,  SuperB and more surprise guest!


For hip-hop fans, this edition of the RapBeat Show generated big expectations and interest, not only for the spectacular line-up but also for being a double concert with BeWhy whom was a participant on Show Me the Money 5. The night before, BeWhy had confirmed this popularity and how talented he was by winning the 5th season of the competitive show, not leaving out the presence of Microdot whom participate in the 4th season of show Me the Money and recently put out his first album.

The concert started right on the dot at 6 P.M with an organization and staff available in any moment to help the attendees. An interesting aspect of the concert was the form the line-up was organized. The first part of the show was handled by Microdot while BeWhy dominated the second half of the show.


Microdot immediately took the stage to perform “Hommage” The first guest of the night was none other than Black Nut, performing “M.I.L.E (Make It Look Easy)” alongside Microdot. The performance was just a taste of how intense the show was about to get. Hanhae and Basick took the stage to perform “My Zone”.


The night commenced with the announcement of the first surprise guest. SuperB and Myundo performed “Sunblock” and “Beverly 1lls”. Black Nut came back on stage to perform “냉탕에 with the two rappers.


Sanchez, a member of Phantom , was the next artist to take the stage alongside Microdot during the performance of “Love Letter” and “Celebrate”. Continuing with the surprises, Microdot performed 3 songs from his new album including “Goal Keeper”, a song that brought the fire to the stage.



Ravi from VIXX performed “DamnRa” with the rapper. Lil Boi, Ravi, and Microdot ignited the stage with a collaboration of the track “Wave”.

What an impressive first half of the show! An aspect of what we enjoyed during the concert was the diversity in guest and the way he brought out the guest to perform their own songs.

BeWhy, winning contestant of SMTM5, went on stage to perform “Shalom” and “Tic Toc” in the midst of up-roaring fans. So explosive and impressive! BeWhy demonstrated why he’s considered one of the most sensational rappers of the Korean scene.

IMG_4275 (1)IMG_4305

Hangzoo showed up on stage to continue with the guest list. Gaegojin and BoiB came together on stage to perform “Bangsaneung”.

The Yes24 Live Hall echoed with the rhythm of “Forever”, “The Times Go On”, and “Day Day”. All we performed by BeWhy filled with adrenaline and with a rap that impressed as well as a flow that left us knowing why BeWhy is soaring in the Korean hip-hop scene.


Now was Vasco’s turn and without doubt one of the rappers most anticipated of the night. He dominated the stage with “Whoa Ha!” For the last performance of the night, BeWhy and Microdot both took the stage to give an intensifying performance, ending the double concert that reunite a stage filled with talented artists.

The Yes24 Live Hall become on huge hip-hop party in which the attendees enjoyed more than 2 hours of an amazing line-up. A line-up containing many talented rappers, all in which brought their own flavor to the show.


The RapBeat Show – New Wave was an event that induced adrenaline from beginning to end. We hope that the RapBeat Show expands overseas and allows international Khip-hop fans to get a taste of such a magnificent show!

by Lu Kondakorea Staff

Eng by Gigi Kondakorea Staff

Special thanks to Culture Think



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