GIRIBOY LIVE IN SEOUL

On June 25th as part of promoting his most recent album “Mechanical”, Korean rapper Giriboy from Just Music presented the city of Seoul with a concert.


Not to long before we had the opportunity to attend a show by Giriboy in London, making it another reason as to why we couldn’t miss the one in Seoul! The event took place in YES24 Hall, a small venue near Hongdae.

The show was scheduled for 6 P.M, yet fans began lining up close to 4:30 P.M. What was surprising about the concert’s organization was that even as a standing venue, each ticket had a number of access assigning the moment of the purchase. With this it wasn’t necessary for a long line nor to arrive hours prior to the concert.

Shortly before 6, fans entered the veue to wait for th show to start. Wearing a leather jacket, styled similar as in his music video “I’m in Trouble”, Giriboy emerged on stage and performed “Hogu”, “You are Medical”, songs from his most recent albums. The audience, majority being female fans, were engulfed in excitement and immediately began singing along to each song.


The first guest of the night was the rebellious and talented Black Nut, member of Just Music. United with Giriboy, they performed “Baechigi”, and “Lowlife”. What a great start! The concert continued with the acoustic versions of some of Giriboy’s most known songs. He demonstrated once again how versatile he was musically as he had a guitarist join him on stage to perform “Adult”, and “That Should Be Easy”.



The concert went on with the performances of “Skit”, “Space Flight”, “Something”, and many other songs. Black Nut and Nochang presented the audience with a special appearance during the final of the show performing “Rain Showers” alongside Giriboy. A final performance that made the audience become wild with excitement  and definitely became the highlight of the night.


The show lasted a little over 2 hours in which the audience will remember the energy Giriboy brought onto the stage as he performed his most recent songs as well as his top hits. The acoustic version of some of his songs were, indeed, a great surprise such as the collaboration stage with his fellow label mates, Black Nut and Nochang.

by Kondakorea Staff _ Lu

Eng by Gigi



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