JUST MUSIC- Vasco and Black Nut in London

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On July 22nd 2016 Cult of Ya presented Show Me The Money’s very own Vasco and Blacknut from the Korean hip hop label Just Music at Electrowerk in London for their first ever intimate show!
The extremely eventful night was both unmissable and memorable. The evening started with the VIP ticket holders’ being directed to their meet and greet with Vasco and Blacknut. A few hours before the show began, we saw the venue quickly fill up with hundreds of excited fans already pre-hyped from their meet and greet, then the regular ticket holders shortly were escorted inside too.
Between the smoke ridden ambiance, the purple strobe stage lights, and the series of the well put hip hop/rap playlist being played inside the venue, it was fair to say that at this stage the intense atmosphere was though the roof! Everyone was beyond ready for the show to begin! Blacknut was first out. I have nothing but praise and positive opinions about the way he simultaneously performed, interacted with the fans between his set list, while also having humorous and witty moments on stage. The crowd’s reaction was evident that he did not fail to gain their full attention as he received many positive crowd jeers, some fans even demanded him to take his top off… which he then did!
Vasco then took the stage and the crowd were not planning to stop showing their ever growing love and support for him. He also interacted with the fans, a key moment was when he shouted some London slang he knew to his fans which also received positive reactions from the crowd! A couple of fans were incapable of  containing their excitement that they plunged themselves onto the stage whilst Vasco and Blacknut were performing, fans cheered, Vasco and Blacknut  thrived off of it! Good stage presence indeed…
After he finished performing his last song Rain Showers a roar of an “ENCORE” broke out and… London fans wanted MORE! and so, Vasco and Blacknut delivered as they BOTH ran back on stage and performed a song together which sent the crowd wilder!
Overall, the night was definitely a massive success! London fans go SO hard! KHipHop always has a place here in London. We know that this will not be the last event that they are to perform in London!
DJ SQ  co-hosted the after party for those that had purchased an after party ticket, pumping the speakers with some current and popular KHipHop and Hip Hop tracks, the after party was also an opportunity for the fans to have more of an up close and personal experience with Vasco and Blacknut. The guys’ were all smiles throughout the night and posed for selfies and pictures with their fans around the venue during the after party.

Lastly,  an endless thank you to Cult of Ya for letting us be apart of the event and for also arranging everything and making it possible for the show happen for the UK fans!

Reviewed by: Saffy (Konda Korea staff)



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