MKIT RAIN “Economy Class” concert in Seoul

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 Seoul during the summer is filled concerts and events, one after the other. One of the places most known is the Floating Stage in the Han River, an impressionable stage in which every summer is a setting for numerable of events.

Mkit rain

On July 9th, it held the hip-hop “Economy Class” concert organized by the Korean-American label MkitRain, which is accountable of rappers such as: BLoo, Nafla, Loopy, & Owen Ovadoz.

Active in the US as well as the Korean Hip-Hop scene, each artist of MkitRain present a different style of rapping.

Nafla is a Korean-American rapper whose most recent mixtape THIS & THAT was awarded with the “Best Mixtape of the Year 2015” award at the HipHopLe Mixtape Awards.


Owen Ovadoz participated in the 3rd and 4th season of “Show Me the Money”, leaving a good impression on music producers like The Quiett and Paloalto. His first album P.O.E.M counted with the participation of The Quiett as a producer.


Loopy’s song KING LOOPY was credited with the “Best Mixtape Song of the Year 2015” award in the 1st HipHopLe Mixtape Awards.


BLoo come with the realness with his track  “Fresh As F”, a pretty solid artist



Economy Class – From L.A to Seoul

Around 9 P.M. the concert began at the Han River stage. It was surprising how many people gathered for the concert. Fans, as well as the general public were about to experience what “Economy Class” was all about.


The first to take the stage was Nafla. The Floating Stage in Yeouido transformed in an impressive Hip-hop stage in which Nafla performed WU and “Locked and Loaded” alongside Owen Ovadoz. The concert had barely began and the adrenaline could be felt building up in the air.


Owen Ovadoz continued with some of his Hip-hop tracks. “City” was one of the tracks that was the most anticipated to be performed and we weren’t left disappointed! With a powerful rap and well-constructed lyrics, Owen Ovadoz made Yeouido vibrate with the beat of City.



The third to rock the stage was Loopy, performing King Loopy and Gear 2. Being the second time to attend a performance by Loopy, we weren’t left without being surprised by how his presence filled up the stage. The way he performed each of his songs left another great impression.


IMG_3496The last member of MkitRain to perform that night was BLOO who spread his energy with the song “7 Gold Chains”.


At the end Nafla, Owen Ovadoz, Loopy, and BLOO returned on stage to perform “Come Thru”. It was indeed an impressive performance that without doubt turned out to be the climax of the night with how much energy each member displayed during the performance.


50 minutes, 4 rapers, 1 label; the “Economy Class” concert was one unforgettable experience for those who attended.

On the 27th of August, MkitRain will have another concert in Seoul: BAD BAD GOOD GOOD. If you find yourself in South Korea during those days, don’t hesitate to go!


You can follow the members of MkitRain on their official SNS accounts: MkitRain Facebook

by Lu (Kondakorea Staff)

ENg transl. Gigi (Kondakorea Staff)



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