GOT7 Fly in L.A !!

On Monday July 11th, GOT7 – whom debuted back in 2014 as a 7 membered group – hit the Novo stage for the second time that weekend after their first concert, FLY in LA, sold out. Many fans gathered that night as well to experience the amazing performance GOT7 had to offer. Let me tell you, they did not disappoint!


The event started off with a dance intro where the back-up dancers opened the show, followed by GOT7 taking place on stage and joining the dancers. For the beginning of the show, many upbeat songs were performed such as: Put Your Hands Up, Turn up the Music, and Girls, Girls, Girls. The boys then took a chance to introduce themselves one by one before heading back in routine and performing: A, Magnetic, This Star, and they’re slower jams: Playground, Can’t, and I Like You.


Once again the stage went dim and from the back emerged Youngjae and JB to perform a duet called 1:31 am which had so much emotion put into it that moved the fans hearts. After them came Jr. and Mark to perform a more up-lifting song called Higher which brought people to their feet. Last but not least, Bambam, Jackson, and Yugyeom performed a more hip-hop style song that involved decked out chairs on wheels.


Once all performances were finished, they took the stage once again to go more into detail about their songs and how they came about. During their discussions, GOT7 lightly joked around with each other and in one part Bambam joked about his voice breaking because of puberty after he sung.


Shortly after the performances went on with Homerun, See the Light, and Just Right. Not to mention the boys taking a short break to demonstrate their sexy dances, which was highly entertaining to watch. Rewind was performed after, followed by Stop It, If You Do, and there was an instance where fans got to play a game in which a video played and they had to follow along to the dancing being shown on the screen. There were many fans chosen but the most memorable had to be Mark’s relative grooving along to the music! Soon enough after the Confession Song and Everyday were performed, GOT7 prepared themselves to say their goodbyes but not without giving their lighthearted humor. A lot of jokes about wanting to rewind the whole show were thrown around as well as promising to come back to LA.


The night ended with Follow Me, Before the Full Moon Rises, Bounce, and the encore Fly remix version being performed. It was a great experience witnessing and hearing the passion fans had as they sung along to every song, not wanting for the show to end. But we will see you again, GOT7! Until next time!

By Gigi (Kondakorea Staff)

Thanks to SubKulture Ent.



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