Dok2 and The Quiett Bring the Heat to Chicago

Illionaire Records‘ co-CEOs brought their signature sound and addictive beats to Chicago at the Concord Music Hall on July 21st where they kicked off their long-awaited NO RE$T TOUR.


The evening began with fortunate fans having a meet and greet with Dok2 and The Quiett where they shook hands, took pictures, and signed fans’ items. This was followed by a press conference where Dok2 discussed how the Korean HipHop scene has changed over the last decade for the better and The Quiett says they never stop working on new music so we can expect some soon.


“Beverly Ills” was a track produced while filming for the most recent season of Show Me The Money. Dok2 and The Quiett opened up the show with a remix of this track that originally showcased SuperBee and Myundo who were both on Team Illionaire for SMTM5. The atmosphere really started to heat up when The Quiett performed one of his biggest hits from 2015 “1 Life 2 Live” and Dok2 performed “Future Flame” as they pelted fans with water from the stage.


The rappers then brought the tempo down but not the intensity as The Quiett performed “Body 2 Body” and Dok2 serenaded “My Love” to fans as he grabbed their hands from the stage. The concert wouldn’t be an Illionaire concert without these signature tracks: “내가”, “연결고리” and “가”. Fans jumped to the pulse of the base as Dok2 and The Quiett spit fire to their most popular songs.


The duo announced their last song “On My Way” but after they finished and left the stage, fans weren’t having it. They chanted for the HipHop stars to return to the stage for an encore and as fans heard the DJ fire up “Rapstar” from the speakers, Dok2 and The Quiett ran back on stage and stood on top of the front speakers to get as close to their fans as possible as they gave a properly hyped send off.


Even though their record label is small compared to a lot of other companies, they proved Thursday night why they are among the most successful and sought after artists in the industry. Thanks Mandoo Entertainment for bringing these Rapstars to the States!!


By Jourdan Lewis-Messer (Kondakorea Staff )



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