Popular idol group GOT7 landed in Chicago July 3rd for the 2nd stop of their “FLY in USA” tour. “FLY” is their 1st concert series that has taken them across the globe including China, Japan, Thailand and Singapore. Most of the group’s shows were SOLD OUT and Chicago was one of them, filling the Rosemont Theatre to the brim with IGOT7s (GOT7’s fandom name).


Longtime fans of GOT7 were treated right away to some of the group’s first hits like “A” and “Girls, Girls, Girls” where Mark and Jackson showed off their impressive martial arts tricking skills. BamBam introduced himself with his signature “What’s my name?” and celebratory dab before introducing the rest of the members. Fans also made sure to give Youngjae a special welcome (he wasn’t able to perform in Dallas because he fell ill but he made it to the stage in Chicago) by chanting his name over and over when it was his turn to speak to give him support.


The special stages that GOT7 put together were one of the most memorable parts of the concert. JB and Youngjae sweetly sang the slow ballad tune “1:31 AM” while Mark and Junior performed a fun and upbeat bop titled “Higher”. The last special stage was left to BamBam, Yugyeom, and Jackson. It was a very dance-centric performance and definitely allowed these members to show off their sexier sides as they pounded the stage to “We Only Live Once”.

2016-07-03 07.44.57.jpg

The group made sure no fan left without hearing their favorite songs and over the last 3 years the group has had many hits. From “Just Right” to “If You Do” all the way up to “Fly”, GOT7 performed them all. As the group left the stage after performing their “last song”, fans chanted and begged for more and GOT7 was happy to oblige. However, they did have one small condition that had to be met before they came back out on stage to start their encore performances. Cameras were pointed into the audience and fans had to complete a mission by dancing to songs like “Stop Stop It” and “Homerun” before the group would come back out. IGOT7s completed the missions fervently and were then treated to the boys walking into the audience as they sang “Confession Song”. Many got pictures with the members as they toured the circumference of the theatre before the group ended up back on stage where they performed “Bounce” which was a hit from when Junior and JB were in “JJ Project”.

2016-07-03 07.42.14

After performing nearly 20 songs, GOT7 said their farewells and gave thanks to everybody who attended with a promise to the IGOT7s of Chicago that they would definitely be back. With amazing light shows, commanding dance performances, polished vocals and a little bit of playful banter amongst the members, this show had it all. With an impressive runtime of almost 3 hours, no fan was left feeling wanting.

Thanks again to SubKulture Entertainment and the Rosemont Theatre for making a lot of IGOT7’s wishes come true by bringing GOT7 to Chicago!

Article and photography by Jourdan Lewis-Messer






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