[Review] KCON Convention PARIS

KCON came to Europe for the first time!

Organized by CJ E&M, KCON is the first festival dedicated to the kpop culture worldwide. This festival gives diverse events all day then concludes with a big concert.

convention 04

To celebrate the 130th anniversary of France and Koreas diplomatic relationship, on the 2nd of June, KCON was held in the city of Paris. Fans from all over Europe attended the convention and of course the concert who had amazing artist! Block B, BTS, FT Island, 1O1, F(x) and SHINEE were the stars of the show.  

The KCON Convention took the theme “ARI RENDEZ-VOUS” or “Beautiful Encounter” (ari means beauty in korean , and rendez-vous is French for reunion or encounter).

A special space in the Accor Hotels Arena was dedicated to the “KCON Convention”. Divided in two sessions, the KCON attendees then discovered the many facets of the Hallyu frenzie, and also discovered vary Korean products: K-food, K-fashion, K-beauty, and K-tour.

complet 01

KCONers also had access to a diversified stand  that made them discover Korean food, the technological innovations, K-beauty products and the denominated products “excellent korean products”, let’s not forget the Tour Office stand that provided practical information for all the fans.

The first part of the convention consisted of a parade of Hanboks with creations by Lee Young Hee and Tchai Kim, followed by a session that held beauty tips and makeup from the program “Get it Beauty”.


The moment that everyone was waiting for was without a doubt the encounter with the artists. The MC of the convention, Fabien Yoon, announced with great euphoria of the fans the presence of BTS on the stage for a Q&A session.

The members of BTS presented themselves with a “Bonjour, we are BTS”, before starting the Q&A session. Questions especially made from the fans were asked to the boys of BTS.

bts 01Bts 03bts02

MC: Have you learned any French words?
BTS : Je t’aime (I love you) !

MC : Any words for the fans that are here today? The majority waited in line ALL NIGHT just to enter the convention.
BTS: Thank you so much, really… merci (thank you).

MC: Have you had the opportunity to try French food?
BTS: We haven’t eaten much, but what we have tried is delicious. We ate Foi-gras, but what we want to eat is French bread and baguettes!

MC: If you had the opportunity to go on vacation, which city would you like to visit?
BTS : Paris ! The Eiffel Tower!

MC : What was your first impression of Paris?
BTS: Paris is a very romantic city, that’s what we thought at first.

MC: What do you like to do on your free time?
BTS: It’s very hard to have free time, but when we do have a little bit of free time we like to sleep and exercise a little.

Before leaving the stage, BTS asked the fans “Are you ready for todays KCON? Are you ready for BTS?”, questions that caused an explosive response from the fans.

BTS con fans

During the afternoon the 2nd part of the convention was delivered, which also held a Hanbok parade and a presentation of the mark of Korean cosmetics “To cool for School”.
The actress Han Ji Min and the actor Jin Goo (“Descents of the Sun”) went up on the stage to greet the fans and answer a few questions, a brave sight to see but without a doubt it left a great impression on the fans.


Amber, Luna and Krystal went up on the stage too and greeted their fans. During their Q&A session the girls showed much happiness  to see their European fans.


KCON is a window where the Korean Culture can show all their facets and diversity, a uniq opportunity to discover and enjoy a K-pop concert and all the aspects of the Korean Culture. KCON in Europe 2017? We hope that it happens! Of course many fans will wait for the next KCON in Europe!

convention 01

by LU

Trans. by Ceci
Kondakorea Staff
Please take with full credits



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