Rapper and producer Giriboy, from Just Music held his first concert in London on the 1st of May. Before going on stage KONDAKOREA sat with the rapper and asked him about his future plans and the feeling of being in London for a Showcase.

Let’s check out the full interview:

This is your first time performing overseas. What are your thoughts about performing tonight in London?

Giriboy Happy! (with his cute English and  big smile) Its like woo fantastic! I cant believe it..

– Do you have any future plans to hold a European Tour or maybe visit other countries?

Giriboy If they call me, YES! Of course!


– You have a lot of overseas fans, for example in Europe, Japan, and Thailand. Maybe you didnt know but youre also known in Latin America, especially in Brazil and Mexico. Would you like to visit one of these countries in the future?

Giriboy Woo thats incredible, and of course if there are any fans I will go there! And if someone can arrange a show, of course I would like to visit them and meet all my fans.

 – A few days ago you released a new song 예쁘잖아” (Its pretty) , so your fans are curious are you working on a new album or a new mixtape?

Giriboy – To release something is not a big deal, but I need to work in order to release big things first. (*he means that he likes to work hard before releasing a new song) 

Im working on something so wait for it (big smile) !

o_3e998274d274df60-122 (1).jpg

Yes of course ! ^^

Before Show Me The Money 3, you were active in the underground scene, so what changes did u make after being in the show?

Giriboy – SMTM has become so popular in Korea, so at the beginning I thought, mmm maybe I should participate and make some stuff there. When I was in the show more people recognized me, but after I finished the show everything was the same! (laughing) . But now Im only focused on my music and production projects so I dont worry to much about it.

– Now you are active under Just Music. Why did you decide to join Swings and the Just Music crew?

Giriboy Actually at that time I was ( and I am) a really really a big fan of Swings-hyung and Verbal Jint hyung , so when Swings-hyung called me I was like yes of course !

Since I joined Just Music  I have started to be more active as a rapper and of course I have continued with my work as a producer..I think that Just Music and all the members allow me to continue with my color music ..


– In your career as a producer and rapper, have you faced some important challenges?

 Giriboy There has been a lot of challenges  but I cant really point out one in particular. Also because I am kind of a short-memory person, I normally forget too quickly and I move on (laughing)

– Maybe this is a question that you hear frequently. These days some artist from the K-pop  scene have participated in Show Me the Money, some of them are also active in the hip hop underground events. As an underground rapper what are your thoughts about it.

I dont really care, a lot of rappers are worried about it, the fans are also worried, but I think that its OK as far as you make some quality music. I dont really care so I prefer to focus on my music. .


Lastly, do you have a special message for all your fans?

– Thanks for all your support, for listening to my songs and dont forget to listen to my upcoming tracks they’re REALLY good!


Although Giriboy was a bit tired from his trip (Busan-Tokyo-London) he showed up smiling and showed much enthusiasm for being in London to do a showcase for his international fans. Minutes later, after our interview, Giriboy went up on stage to start the show.

Did you miss the concert? You can check the Concert Review here REVIEW- Giriboy in London Showcase

By Lu (kondakorea staff)

English by Ceci

Special Thanks to Cult Of Ya

Please DO NOT take without credits



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