[Review] BAP LOE 2016 – MILAN AWAKE!

Europe AWAKE! The 1st Step!

After successfully finishing 9 concerts and gathering over 30,000 BABYs in the United States, Canada and Mexico, BAP was ready to continue with their World Tour, the next ATTACK was decided: Europe Awake!

On May 7th the first concert in the Europe Tour was in Milan. BABYs from Italy, Spain, France, Portugal Mexico and different parts of Europe were up and lined up early at the Arena, PalaYAmamay. Without a care of the high temperature the fans showed enthusiasm and waited patiently at all times for Yongguk, Himchan, Daehyun, Youngjae, Jongup and Zelo.


KPOP AGENCY, organized the event and prepared a few surprises for the fans. A special, Mato Planet style menu was made available to the attendees, who had fun choosing between a Yongguk menu or a Daehyun menu.

Milan AWAKE!

Notably BAP Milan AWAKE! It turned out to be the first Kpop concert performed on a large scale in Italy. A production that was characterized in an advanced stage that was shaped into a T, never used in an LOE Europe.

The moment everyone waited for came and the fans slowly started to enter the PalaYAmamay Arena. A VCR shown in a projector announced the fans about the start of the concert, on the screen there was a special message that said:


Where are you?

Where are you know?

Take a deep breath…

Imagine your eyes speaking… and follow the beat of your heart… AWAKE


After that Yongguk, Himchan, Daehyun, Youngjae, Jongup and Zelo showed up on the stage and performed Warrior, their debut song that made the attendees vibrate with emotion. They continued with an explosive performance and were also accompanied with live music. BAP performed What the hell, No Mercy and a solo stage by Himchan which was their song SNS, Yongguk joined in with his rap.


SPY, Be Happy, Feel so Good and Carnival were the songs that made the stage full of adrenaline and fire. The first ‘Talk Time’ was next and each one of the members introduced themselves in Italian to show their enthusiasm they felt for it being their first time in Italy.


The night progressed with the performances of some of their greatest hits like Hurricane, Badman, Dancing in the Rain, Bangx2. Songs that the fans chanted and supported with hundreds of illuminated Matokis. Jongup and Zelo respectively performed a solo stage, the first performance was “Now” and it left the fans in awe. Zelo then performed an awesome dance stage to “I can’t feel my face” (The Weeknd), “GDFR”(Flo Rida), and “Pillowtalk” (Zayn Malik).


One of the most significant moments of the night was when a video was shown; “1914-2016 WAR”, A list of all the wars and conflicts that had happen since 1914, followed by a phrase that said “NO MORE WARS”. After that BAP came back to the stage to perform One Shot and 1004, songs that the fans intensely chanted.

BAP announced that the end of the concert was near and then began to sing one of their most significant and emotional song, for them and BABYs: With You. The concert came to its end with the performances of Young, Wild and Free, Excuse Me, Kingdom and the rock version of No Mercy (and encore stage).


Yongguk, Himchan, Daehyun, Youngjae, Jongup and Zelo said their goodbyes, thanked the fans, and of course, promising to be back soon to Milan. Meanwhile BAP were leaving thestage, a last VCR was shown, showing images of LOE in Seoul with emotional messages from each member:


“You were an amazing audience today. Everyone of you! I will remember this day for the rest of my life. I want to meet you soon again! Thank you! I love you!”


“I’ve been so happy here with you, thank you! You gave us really unforgettable memories. You have to know that the moments we spent together have a huge meaning to us, they’re priceless. We exist because of you, who are always by our side. We love you so much!”


“It was the happiest moment for us. Thank you so much, every single one of you, for creating this happiness together (with us). From now on, we want to bring you more live performances. Once again, thank you so much. We Love you a lot!”


“Thank you so much for coming here to spend these hours with us. We will be back to bring all of you an even greater concert. I really want you to still be here that day, (it will be) really soon! Now have a safe ride home. I’ll always think of you.”


“Thank you so much for being here with us today. Did you enjoy (the concert)? You have to know that I will never forget about today. What about we enjoyed ourselves once again (next time)? We want to be back again. We love you.”


“We were finally be able to see (each other) and to be together today. Thank you for being always besides us. An advice (literally: thought) to all of you. I hope you’ll always do your best, not give up what you do, you have to endure until you get your desired result. (To) those who met us today for the first time, I hope this was a good chance to get to know our music better, and I hope it gave you a special energy in your life. If you received it, then thank you so much!”

(Special thanks to @giulsmallow for the Italian – English Translation of the messages.)

A concert full of adrenaline, full of emotions but most of all a concert that the fans and BAP interacted and enjoyed each one of the songs. We hope that they will comeback soon to Milan, without a doubt their fans will be waiting.



 By Lu – Kondakorea Staff

Article Translated by Ceci – Kondakorea Staff


Special Thanks to Kpop Agency

Photos CR. to: Kpop Agency, TS Ent. and on Logo

Special thanks to @giulsmallow for the Italian – English Translation of BAP messages.



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