On January 31st we attended Seoul to LA where Dean was to perform for the first time in LA, the club performance was 10$ and it was a great experience! The DJs were really amazing and so were the performers. The performers were Jeff Bernat and Dean. Jeff started the show and got us in a romantic mood but once Dean stepped on the stage he turnt it up. Although he performed 2 songs he left us wanting more! He’s really handsome, talented and energetic, very flirty too!

On  June 2nd, Dean will be back to do another show in LA thanks to Berzerk, Project Sweatshop, Jetset, The Service Company, and Transparent Agency10/10 would recommend you to go to this show and experience the hype he brings! A very great performer don’t miss out on this chance to see him live before he blows up even more. Ticket prices aren’t expensive but I assure you next time they will be so get tickets now!


Ticket Prices Vary from $20-$35, early bird and discount tickets are sold out but there’s still a few more tickets and I suggest you buy yours now! Show will be on a Thursday and will start at 9:30pm.

DJ sets by:

Mono / Poly

Them Jeans

Soda Pop


*must be 18+ to attend and 21 to drink*

more info:

-Ceci of KOndaKorea 



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