[Exclusive Report] Just Music Showcase: Giriboy + DJ SQ in London

On the 1st of May, with big success the #3rd delivery of Currency Exchange organized by Cult of Ya was made possible. This time Giriboy and DJ SQ of Hip-Hop label ‘Just Music‘ were the performers at The Ace Hotel in the City of London. An event that us, KOndaKorea couldn’t let pass by.

Although it was the first concert a Just Music artist held in Europe, Rapper and Producer Giriboy made it a SOLD OUT showcase in the Capital of London!

Like the previous concerts of the Currency Exchange, this concert also created a very intimate and private atmosphere. Which allowed attendees to enjoy the show even more. Those who held tickets for Meet and Greet were able to personally greet and also take pics with Giriboy. Definitely a unique experience!!

The first part of the Showcase was attended by DJ Illustrious One then DJ SQ of Just Music performed.

Near 11pm Giriboy took the stage to the delight of the fans who immediately broke out and started singing along to his songs. The rapper performed his hit songs such as: Adult, Because You’re Pretty, Hogu, Rain Shower and Skit. He even performed a new song!



As Giriboy got on stage he commented: “I have 4 jobs, I’m a rapper, a producer, a DJ, and a perfect man.

He made it clear why he’s one of the most important rappers in KHip-Hop. With a unique style he achieved to make the fans interpret and enjoy the most out of each one of his songs!

At the end of the concert, a surprise After Party was held for 2hrs for the fans. Giriboy occasionally would join in and greet his fans up close.


Certainly another great success from Cult of Ya and Currency Exchange. We cannot wait for another Hip-Hop Event!

Be aware! KOndaKorea conducted an exclusive interview with Giriboy. Soon a full entry will be up!

By Lu of KOndaKorea
Translated by Ceci of KOndaKorea
Special Thanks to Cult of Ya~


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