BAP – Los Angeles AWAKE!

B.A.P, after two years of absence, surely came back to LA on April, 17th with amazing performances in which their passion for the stage could be felt by everyone in the crowd.


The show started off with none other than their debut song Warrior, hyping up the fans for what was yet to come. Next up came What the Hell, followed by No Mercy with a little of We Will Rock You by Queen inserted into the mix. Along came Himchan to perform a solo of S.N.S, which made BABYZ scream in delight. Soon enough SPY and Be Happy were performed causing all of us to dance along with the boys.

Now it was time for the B.A.P to introduce themselves. They said how happy they were to be able to perform in LA again and how much they missed BABYZ. Of course not without making a few jokes and laughing amongst each other. It was easy to see how much they love being on stage and interacting with BABYZ once again after what seemed like forever.  After talking to fans, they went back at it with Feel So Good and Carnival.

BAP LOE2016 LA_01

Out of the blue, just like when the show was about to start, the lights dimmed and Slow Motion by Trey Songz filled the venue along with Youngjae’s beautiful voice. Squeals and sighs were heard throughout the place as he continued performing so flawlessly. After his solo, all of B.A.P were back together to drive the crowd wild with Hurricane, Badman, Dancing in the Rain, and Crash. Then they rocked out with Bang X2 causing BABYZ to rock out with them. It was really a fun sight to see and be a part of!

Jongup, the second youngest of the group, came out to perform Now which yet again melted the hearts of all of us in the venue. Man can that boy move! After his solo One Shot, Young, Wild & Free, 1004 (Angel), and With You were performed. During With You, it was such an amazing experience to hear the BABYZ singing along so loudly with B.A.P. Truly a touching scene to hear them sing even after B.A.P bid goodbye. During their goodbye, emotions ran wild and a few of the boys began to get teary eyed knowing and seeing that BABYZ have remained loyal to them even through the tough times.

BAP LOE2016 LA_02

Of course B.A.P couldn’t leave the stage without giving the crowd an encore and a night to remember for the rest of their lives. They came back on stage with Kingdom, Excuse me, and yet again Bang X2 before exiting the stage. Thank you B.A.P for making April 17, 2016 another memorable night. Hope to see you back in LA

by Gigi and Ceci KONDAKOREA Staff

Special Thanks to POWERHOUSE 

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