[Review] SHINee in Chicago

SHINee in Chicago


 As many people celebrated Mother’s Day Sunday May 8th, there was another reason for celebration, specifically in the city of Chicago where SHINee held their first ever fan engagement on US soil! Onew, Jonghyun, Key, Minho and Taemin took time out of their busy schedules to show some love to their fans in the States for this 1 1/2 hour fan-meet. It had everything from games to a Q&A and, of course, explosive performances by one of the most highly polished groups in the industry.


The evening started off with an electric performance of “Everybody” that ignited the entire 4400 seat venue. This was followed up by an enlightening and entertaining Q and A session where questions were ones asked by fans and answered by the men of the hour. A particularly memorable moment occurred when Jonghyun was asked to reminisce on their rookie days. He described how after one of their first performances he remembers seeing tears in all of the members eyes. It’s at this point that Key, with his very impressive English, says “No, YOU had tears in your eyes. I was fine.” This is making a point of a well-known fact that Jonghyun is probably the most emotional member of the group, making him a fan favorite.


After performing “Hello”, a popular hit from their repackaged album released back in 2010, it was time for Charades! Twenty lucky fans were hand picked ahead of the event and brought on stage where each member got four fans to make up his team. It was a close battle but Taemin’s team came out victorious, winning his team a special merchandise package. Two teams tied for last place, which happened to be Minho and Onew. Unfortunately for them they had a penalty which came in the form of having to show off their aegyo, which delighted many of their eager fans.



SHINee saved the best for last when at the end of the evening they performed some of their mega hits such as “Lucifer”, “Sherlock” and their latest track “View”. The members gave it their all as they demolished the stage with their highly technical choreography and powerful vocal prowess.



SHINee is a group known for its many talents, whether it be for their fierce dancing, haunting harmonies, or their powerhouse vocals. However, something that makes these artists truly special is what they inspire in their fans. It was said best in the fan-made video shown to SHINee during the engagement. This group inspires hard work, self acceptance and spreads happiness to those who need lifting up. We can only hope that this fan engagement means that SHINee has heard their Shawols from across the pond and that US fans can look forward to more appearances like this in the future.

by Jourdan KondaKorea Staff 

Special Thanks to SubKulture Ent



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