AOMG in Las Vegas

AOMG Tour Las Vegas 2016 

On Wednesday April 13th, AOMG treated Las Vegas to an energizing and charismatic show. This concert was the fifth stop on their 2016 Follow the Movement US Tour organized by SIVAGroupEnt at the very cozy House of Blues located in Mandalay Bay. AOMG is a label comprised of many proficient artists and, just like the tour in 2014, Jay Park, Simon D, Loco, Gray, and DJ Pumkin lent their strengths to bring a powerhouse of a show to Sin City.

The Acronym ‘AOMG’ stands for “Above Ordinary Music Group” which is something that this group of artists strives to accomplish through their high-charting albums, highly anticipated collaborations and masterful live performances.


DJ Pumkin was the anchorman for the entire show as he lent his skills to perfectly complement each of the artists’ flavors. He kept the group grounded as the artists bantered and teased him about his age or his increasing popularity within their ever-growing label.

 Simon D was the first artist of the evening to delight us with his lyrical prowess and his musical delivery can be described best in two ways: thought-provoking and no nonsense. His presentation wasn’t flashy nor his movements excessive but you could feel the energy in his words with every punctuated breathe in such songs as “Simon Dominic” and “Money Don’t Lie”. It was a great way to kick-start the show.


Loco and Gray amplified the evening by storming the stage as a duo and played off each other’s performances well. Loco’s stage presence was very playful and he enjoyed interacting with the audience during very high-energy songs like “Respect” and “Just Do It”. He advanced across every inch of the stage to make sure he connected with as many fans as possible to the delight of all in the compact space. Gray, as a more reserved performer, poured his energy into his smooth vocals and staccato beats with such songs as “Summer Night” and “In My Head”.

This brings us to our final performer. As the man of the hour, Jay Park knew what the people wanted. His initial presence was calm and collected as he crooned his way through “2nd Thots”. He b-boyed his was through “Solo”, which was accompanied by two of AOMG’s backup dancers, and reminisced on older favorites like “Joah (좋아)”. After Jay had the venue well hyped, Simon D, Loco and Gray unified with Jay during “Success Crazed” to finish off his set with fan favorites such as “Mommae” and “BO$$”. As one final treat, Jay Park leapt from the stage down to the pit and then merged with fans around the small venue allowing him to get up close and personal while echoing what we were all feeling with his performance of “I Like 2 Party”.


The overall mood of the evening was that of just truly appreciating R&B, Hip Hip and Rap as the art forms that they are and have become. No frills, no BS; just losing yourself in the beats and rhythmic lyrics spit by these four talented artists.

AOMG is a force to be reckoned with. Jay Park mentioned a dream of his was to see the AOMG tour occur annually; a gathering for the label to show how they’ve improved from the year before and showcase the direction they want to go in the years to come. This reviewer believes that if AOMG decides to go that route, then they will find an ever-increasing audience for their highly addictive and ever-perfecting craft.


by Jourdan L-M 

KondaKorea Staff 

Special Thanks to SivaGroup Ent.



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