B.A.P is back and you should not miss them!

B.A.P – one of the most popular K-Pop bands is going on their second big World Tour this year. They will hold concerts in Moscow, Warsaw, Helsinki as well as London and Milan, and Düsseldorf among other non-European cities.


SCHEDULE Düsseldorf 15.5.
Doortime 18:30
Show time 20:00



DÜSSELDORF Ticket Scaling

-Party Pit @ Euro 129,- plus pre-sale fee

VIP Package 1: (Limited to 200 tickets)    Euro 169,- plus pre-sale fee

  • Party Pit Ticket,
  • Poster,
  • Original CD (signed by one of the members) and the chance of winning a ticket for the High Five Event with the band after the show (200 CDs in which 75 High Five tickets have been  included randomly)


SUPER VIP Package 2: (Limited to 100 tickets)  Euro 199,- plus pre sale fee

  • Party Pit Ticket,
  • Poster,
  • Original CD  (signed by one of the members) plus 1 ticket to participate in the High Five Event after the show with the band


General Admission:

(Standing area & all blocks are  Euro 89,- plus pre-sale fee)

Standing Area
Block J (free seated)
Block 4 (free seated)
Block 5 (free seated)
Block 24 (free seated)
Block 25 (free seated)



B.A.P High-Five Event

1 Group
6 Musicians
1 Concert
1 High-Five Event
250 Fans

Being among the audience and seeing B.A.P on stage is not close enough for you?
Then grab the chance to meet B.A.P after their concert in Duesseldorf for the exclusive High-Five Event. 250 lucky fans will get the chance to participate at the High-Five Event.

Additional 75  tickets for the High-Five Event will be hidden randomly as a special in the limited 200 signed CARNIVAL CDs  for people who did not want to buy one of the VIP packages!
You can buy a voucher  online for the price of 30,00 Euros. The CDs are also signed by one of the B.A.P members.

The exclusive CDs are limited, to make sure you get one of the 500 signed CDs, purchase it online before the concert:



With the voucher you will be able to receive your CD after you enter the venue at designated areas, watch out for signs.
CD will be the limited version of B.A.P. latest album incl 60 page photo booklet, randomly inserted photo card & mini standee!



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