2015 BlockBuster US Tour in L.A


Block B definitely ended their 2015 BlockBuster US Tour with a bang! Leader Zico, Park Kyung, B-Bomb, Ukwon, Taeil, Jaehyo, and P.O rocked the Club Nokia stage in Los Angeles on Sunday 15th with energetic and fun performances making the crowd go wild throughout the night.


The show started off with a VCR with the boys portraying the beginning of blockbuster movies . The night set off with the boys appearing behind red curtains in black and white stripped outfits immediately hyping the crowd with Very Good, their debut song Freeze, Wanna B, and Halo. Although Jaehyo was sitting, due to a past injury, he looked to be enjoying himself a lot while dancing along in his chair and smiling at the fans.


Block B then got a little romantic and began performing their more lovey dovey songs Romantic, Unordinary Girl, 11:30, and Did You or Did You Not? As they were performing, each boy had a rose in hand and tossed them over towards the fans, causing the crowd to scream in delight! Wow do the boys know how to give fans a heart attack!

After Park Kyung, Zico, and Pyo performed No Joke, the boys went on and introduced themselves. After Zico commented on how handsome Jaehyo was, Park Kyung said he was surprised that so many fans had come to see them. Trust me, Park Kyung, no one would had wanted to miss such epic performances!

The night was still young and the crowd wanted more so sub-unit Bastarz performed Conduct Zero and Charlie Chaplin, while Zico performed Okey Dokey. It was indeed an unforgettable performance! The show continued with Her, Jackpot, Action, and Tell Them.

The boys kept the lively atmosphere while closing the stage with Be the Light, causing our hearts to feel heavy as such a wonderful concert was coming to an end.



But wait! Is that an encore in the midst of a farewell? As the boy left the stage, fans began shouting Block B! Block B! Block B! Causing the boys to run back out to perform Nalina, Have a Nice Day, and Very Good (Rough Version). It was evident that the Block B themselves didn’t want the show to end. But then came Movie’s Over and indeed this wonderful movie had come to a close.



Block B said their final goodbye before heading backstage, Jaehyo tossing their used towels towards the fans as souvenirs. And that was how a BlockBuster night came to an end. Until next time, Block B and BBCs!


By Kondakorea Staff Gigi

Photographer: Kondakorea Staff Chanelle  Joon

special thanks to SubkultureEnt



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