VIXX Wows Manila Fans During Fantasia Utopia Concert

VIXX proved their status as rising kpop stars as they showcased the best stage for their fans during the Manila leg of their Fantasia Utopia tour, held at the Mall of Asia Arena on Saturday, May 2.


Hongbin, Hyuk, N, Ken, Ravi, and Leo sang and danced their way to the hearts of their fans as they opened the show with dance numbers of On and On, Voodoo Doll, Light Up the Darkness, and Secret Night.

During their introduction, they expressed their happiness for being here in the country for their first ever concert. You can really see in their faces that they were delighted to see all their fans here.


Solo numbers of the members followed, with Ken first covering Adele’s Rolling in the Deep. It was an impressive number, given the difficulty of that song. Next was Ravi who exhibited his amazing rapping skills with Ghost. Last one was Hyuk who played a smooth ballad song on the piano while wearing a handsome white tux and holding a red rose, which made the fans’ hearts melt.


They sang more of their songs including Sad Ending, Say U Say Me, Rock Ur Body, Love Letter, and Someday. Their songs were accompanied by beautiful animations of stars and galaxies projected on the screen at the back of the stage as Starlights (as their fans call themselves) waved their red lightsticks to the tempo of the music.


More of these graphics play was shown during solo numbers of Leo and Hongbin, while did the finale by power dancing while on blindfold. They performed Hyde, Beautifull Killer and Eternity after. The stage for Error was the grandest one, as the screen projected a ticking bomb with a countdown timer.



Their VCRs were very interactive also as the message asked the fans to scream louder for the group before their encore.

Love EquationFrom Now On, You’re Mine, and G.R.8.U wrapped up the setlist of the concert. During this part of the show, they were very playful and were doing a lot of fanservice for the audience. During the last talk, they expressed how they were really thankful that they had the chance to perform here. did a pinky promise to the fans as he said that he would want to return to meet them again.


For sure, it was a night to remember for all the Starlights who attended the concert. The two-hour long show brought happiness and tears (of joy) to everyone, and even to the members VIXX themselves.

It was one great concert! Until we meet you again, VIXX!


VIXX LIVE FANTASIA IN MANILA UTOPIA was brought to you by Pulp Live World and 28 Black.

~KONDAKOREA Staff Kathleen Rosario and Lalaine Rosario




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