Best of Best Philippines 2015 Concert delights Filipino Kpop Fans

Filipino Kpop fans’ wishes to see two of the KPOP royalties of today had been granted when Super Junior and Girls Generation performed recently together with girl group Red Velvet and Born to Beat (BTOB) at the Philippine Arena for the Best of Best Philippines 2015 Concert.


Considered the biggest arena in the Philippines, the Philippine Arena attracted a lot of KPOP fans’ attention all over the world, as the four South Korean musicians performed their hearts out for their loyal supporters. Before the start of the show, attendees were treated in a lot of KPOP related activities around the arena with KPOP Karaoke booths; album and light stick selling, and cover group performances.


The concert started with SM Entertainment’s newest girl group Red Velvet ‘s performance of their  songs like the upbeat “Ice Cream Cake”, “Happiness” and the cute slow song  “Something Kinda Crazy.” BTOB was the second perfomer which captured the attention of both the men and women in the crowd with their swag performances of Thriller, Beep Beep and Wow, among their other hits.


The audience couldn’t contain their excitement when Girls Generation rocked the stage with their eye candy performances of “Mr. Taxi”, “Genie” and “Gee”. The girls even gave a sneak peek of the live performance of their new single “Catch me if you can”.


As the grand finale performance, fans’ hours of waiting to see the men of Super Junior didn’t fail anyone.  Super Junior gave an all-out act as they sing and dance to Shirt, Evanesce, This is Love and even Kyuhyun’s solo performance of “At Gwanghwamun”. Fans and non-fans of Super Junior were delighted to receive a lot fan service from the members. Best of Best Philippines 2015 ended with confetti showered all over the crowd as Super Junior Leeteuk bowed and thank all the fans for coming to the show.


It was a night of fun and good memories, as fans of the four performers shared their stories and smiles as they went home that night.

KONDAKOREA Staff – Lalaine Rosario & Kathleen Rosario




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