Music Bank in Hanoi, an Unforgettable concert full of surprises

The line up for this concert was indeed one of the best that KBS has gathered: SISTAR, GOT7, EXO, TEEN TOP, BLOCK B, APINK and SHINEE were on Music Bank in Hanoi stage. A few hrs before the show the artists express their joy for coming to Vietnam.


 From 2 am, fans started to gather at Dinh Stadium to presence one of the most popular Korean TV shows: MUSIC BANK. This time Vietnamese fans were able to enjoy a once in a lifetime experience having their idols not only in front of them but also singing a few songs in their language.




GOT7_KONDAKOREA_MUSIC BANK IN HANOI GOT7 Jackson practiced saying Xin chào (Hello) many times impressing all press with his good accent.


SUHO from EXO mentioned “I will sing later a song in Vietnamese during the concert” 


Even Hyorin from SISTAR prepared a solo stage for MUSIC BANK IN HANOI

APINK MUSIC BANK HANOI   With a lot o anticipation the show successfully started on time starting with the performances of girl group A PINK. The girls introduced themselves in Vietamese “Xin chào, tôi là A Pink” Hello, we are A-PINK. Fans couldn’t believe that finally they had this amazing group in their country and the joy was shown in every fan’s faces. GOT7 MUSIC BANK HANOI   After APINK, GOT7 had powerful appearance on stage. They received many I LOVE YOU screams from the audience during their performance. But not only that, fans even prepared a special event for the birthday boy JACKSON and white balloons started to be waived by fans all around the venue.   BLOCK B MUSIC BANK HANOI   teentop_KONDAKOREA_MUSIC BANK IN HANOI   The night went continue with wonderful performances from each group and not only that but also special performances. Each one of those special moments will be broadcasted at the end of the first week of April. SISTAR2_KONDAKOREA_MUSIC BANK IN HANOI   SISTAR not only performed their successful hits like Touch my body but as promised HYORIN also had her solo stage singing HELLO VIETNAM.  EXO2_KONDAKOREA_MUSIC BANK IN HANOI   One of the most anticipated performances was indeed EXO who just recently had a comeback with their latest album EXODUS. Chanyeol despite of beeing the MC all night long together with SHINee’s Onew, SISTAR’s Bora had a lot of energy to show on EXO’s performance. SHINEE 3_KONDAKOREA_MUSIC BANK IN HANOI Please anticipate a lot each one of the performances, KBS WORLD will be having this full concert with English subtitles for all Kpop fans around the world. Please don’t forget to subscribe to their official YOUTUBE CHANNEL:   KONDAKOREA Staff- Jye KONDAKOREA



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